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Uphall Playgroup

  Helping your child learn through play

Testimonials from Parents and Children

"For me Uphall playgroup is primarily about having my child spend a couple of hours away from me, learning that mum does come back, before going to nursery 5 days a week. While at the same time having fun, making lots of friends and learning lots of different things". Kate.

"I think being a small Playgroup works to its advantage. It means the children get more 1 to 1 time with the staff & therefore build a great relationship with them".

"No words can express our gratitude to you. Thank you for the encouragement, kindness, patience and everything you did for our son". Helena.

"The girls do a fantastic job in the nursery, they obviously enjoy what they do with the kids and put in a lot of effort/time. They were both very good at 'taking' an unsettled toddler from mum and providing them with the encouragement and confidence to stay at playgroup. I was very happy to leave my daughter with them, both on days where she happily went into playgroup and on days where I left her crying".

"Amazing playgroup. Would recommend to anyone. My son came on loads in his speech and confidence and I believe that was all down to attending playgroup". John.

"Our daughter loved playgroup and is starting nursery with an excellent grounding from what she has learned in playgroup - taking turns, sharing, listening, tidying, helping others, playing inside and out, learning about the world around her and using her imagination. Thank you so much for being her first step in her life long learning journey by those other than her family and friends".