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Uphall Playgroup

  Helping your child learn through play



Uphall Playgroup A.G.M. 2016

Posted by uphallplaygroup on June 25, 2016 at 6:30 PM



Thursday 16th June 2016




Uphall Community Centre


1. APOLOGIES: Amanda Cunningham (Treasurer) PRESENT: Claire Welsh (Playgroup Manager) Julie McGinlay (Playgroup Leader) Audrey McBrearty (Chairperson), Sandy Crawford, Hania Buchanan, Laura Dunlop, Kerry Thomson, Chloe Taylor.


2. CHAIRPERSON OVERVIEW: Claire welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. Claire ran through the current committee and identified and discussed new treasurer and nominations for new committee members. Claire also thanked Audrey for all her help and support to the playgroup over the year. Audrey stated she was delighted and happy with the way everything is ran and had no issues or concerns to report. It was discussed due to the poor turnout of parents/carers that feedback is require about arranging more suitable times/dates for any future meetings.


3. FINANCE REPORT: The playgroup accounts are currently being audited . Claire stated the playgroup is largely dependent on the grants received by West Lothian Council and hopefully this will continue. There was a reduction in the amount recieved from the council reinforcing the importance of fundraising. A fundraising committee would be useful going forward as fundraisers are essential to cover the costs of insurance/toys/equipment and wages. It was agreed that the costs per session would be increased from August 2016 from £5.00 to £6.00. It was felt that this is reasonable in comparison to other groups etc. The increase would come into effect in August 2016.


4. PLAY LEADERS REPORT: The play readers report was given by Claire. Over the year we had three students within the playgroup. One of the students studying her HND had the task of introducing something new and implementing change. Outdoor play was her main focus and extended our heuristic play which is very much part of our playgroup. Lots of natural materials indoor and outdoor were introduced and completely child led. The children have loved getting mucky and wet and waterproofs are now provided at playgroup although suitable clothing should sill be worn. In the new term we will be looking to extending this to woodland walks/nature trails as often possible and other play choices will be discussed with the children. The topic of Dinosaur Land was very popular and chosen by the children, this was extended as this provided real source of enjoyment,playing,learning and experimenting for all. Claire also noted that the Almond Farm Pass is still available and can be used by any of the families at any time and is free. A survey was also sent via email to all leavers and all feedback was 100% positive. Claire and Julie stated that they both would like to hear any suggestions for going forward and making the playgroup even better.


5. COMMITEE RE-ELECT: New Secretary is Hania Buchanan and New Treasurer is Laura Dunlop.


6. SUGGESTIONS FOR NEW TERM: Parent all get that the children have love the playgroup and it offers fantastic experiences and opportunities. It was suggested that as children learn so much through their tactile senses that messy play type sessions will be sourced for parents and children to attend and more information will be given soon. We will continue to accept fruit donations for our healthy start fruit bowl for the children coming into their session. We will also continue working with Tesco which is a scheme that send out its unsold food to local charities rather than be wasted. This has worked so well and the children are benefiting from tasting and experimenting with food.


7. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: It was agreed that date would be decided and confirmed after feedback from parents about most suitable times and dates. The 2017 AGM will be on Thursday 15th June at 7pm. 



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