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Uphall Playgroup

  Helping your child learn through play



Uphall Playgroup 2015 A.G.M

Posted by uphallplaygroup on August 1, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Uphall Playgroup AGM

Thursday 18th June 2015


Uphall Community Centre


1. Apologies: Audrey Mcbrearty

Present: Claire Welsh (Playgroup Manager), Julie McGinlay (Playgroup leader), Jackie Walsh (Treasurer), Amy Philip, Bryan Haskell , Sarah Hall, Liz McWilliams, Fiona Gardner, Stephen Bruce, Amanda Cunningham, Jenna Dick


2. Chairperson overview and staff bonus: (Due to illness Claire stepped in to provide the overview)

Claire welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. She then ran through the current committee for the benefit of the new parents:-

Claire - playgroup manager for 8 years, Julie - Play leader for nearly a year, Gemma - Supply staff, usually in 2 days a week, Audrey - chairperson, Jackie - Treasurer, Claire - Secretary


(As a note Audrey became Chairperson at the last meeting. She works for the community centre and is familiar with the running of the Playgroup, she was happy to continue in this role indefinitely.

A Chairperson is required to operate the Playgroup and it has been difficult with the constant change of parents to have this in place. Audrey offered the chance of continuity)

Claire Cruikshank - Secretary, her son has since left the playgroup so it was discussed and agreed it would be more appropriate to have a parent who currently had a child at the group as secretary


The bonuses for the staff were discussed in their absence, and it was agreed by all present that the £150 bonus that had been set up last year, be continued this year as once again the bonus criteria had been met. That being:

- A good care inspectorate report

- Positive parental feedback

- Positive staff in appraisal outcome

- Money in the bank to cover bonus payments

- The committee will continue to vote on staff bonus twice a year, once at the AGM and the other at the

Christmas Meeting

- Is was agreed that the payment of the bonus could be in the form of cash or gift vouchers


3. Finance Report

The Playgroup accounts have just been audited and all was ok. Claire stated the Playgroup is largely dependent on the grants received by West Lothian Council, this year totaling almost £6000 and hopefully this will continue, but fundraising was essential.

As a whole the payment of fees was generally ok, but here had been 2 children who had left this year without paying full fees.

Bacs payments were seen to be becoming more popular and preferred by the Playgroup staff as it eliminated cash handling, but they conceded that cash was the preferred method by some.


Childcare vouchers were also discussed, as yet there had not been much interest shown. The setting up of the voucher accounts is free and Claire said she could perhaps do this over the summer.


West Lothian Council have agreed to continue the partnership offer to 'eligible 2 year olds'. There is currently 1 child qualifying at present. There is sufficient capacity in West Lothian for all 3 year olds but the Government are looking to increase the funded hours so this may change in the future.


Fundraising was raised and suggestions asked. Julie put forward a Race night. This had proved successful in the past and worth revisiting. A car wash was also mentioned but this hadn't been as lucrative. It was agreed a Race night is to be explored firstly. Julie is to check dates and availability at Uphall Bowling club


4. Playleaders Report

The Playleaders report was given by Claire

Claire began by saying since joining last year, Julie had been a real asset to the group, she was great with the kids and the children loved her. She had supported Claire through her studies and singing and playing were now very much part of her repertoire. Her role was now well established within the group.


Gemma was brought in to assist with a child with special needs (who had since moved on from the Playgroup). It was found that an a occasional third person was useful to free Claire up to do paperwork. If finances allowed Claire would like to continue on this basis but with a part time member of staff rather than supply staff.


Claire noted that the Playgroup was presently full. There are 5 new starts after the holidays and if this reached 9, afternoon sessions would be considered. 64 children had been catered for this year.


This term the topics had been child led, so they may have appeared pretty disjointed. Holidays were a favourite, and camping was on the agenda this week. She explained that there had been no junk modeling due to a child having a severe peanut allegery. This will be reintroduced and staff were keen for ideas. Dinosaurs came up


The Care Inspectorate had visited in the past year and the Playgroup had upgraded their rating from the last time to very good. She had been impressed with the children and the supportive independence shown. The staff were very happy with this and feel the playgroup is going really well. Parents seem happy with the service and thanks were expressed.


Claire noted that there was an Almond Farm pass had been renewed and that it could be used by any of the families at any time it was free

5. Committee Stand Down

Jackie will remain in place until the end of September and Claire asked for a volunteer to assist Jackie with the treasurer duties with the aim of taking the role on at this time. Amanda stated she may be interested, and she would let Claire know


It was decided to stand Claire down as Secretary and have a new parent in place


6. Election of a New Committee

- Secretary - Fiona Gardner, 2nd Jackie Walsh


7. Suggestions for the New Term

There was a discussion on the welcoming back of the current children, and welcoming the new starts, the proposals for asking what was done over the summer. Parents suggestions - more gardening, a favourite of last term with the children. Parents happy to accept mud covered children. No aprons required. It was felt the topics explored were varied and enjoyable


8. AOB


Discussion on notification of events and whether present system was adequate, text messaging suggested but phone on pay as you go so not financially viable. Group email another suggestion

Parents evening

Parents asked if this was something they would like. Discussion had that it would be easier for leaders to select a date / time and then have parents book themselves into a suitable time slot if they so wish.


9. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 22nd September - 7pm



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